Supergirl X The Flash SPOILER-LESS Review!!


So did you hear the one about the Flash heading to National City? It’s true. The Scarlet Speedster rushed to help Supergirl out in this episode. Barry’s arrival is backed by the multiverse theory of Infinite Earths set in the Flash and Arrow. This episode was very entertaining. Barry’s arrival sets the comedic mood in everyone including Cat Grant who makes a ref to the CW shows after meeting Barry. Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist play off of each other very well. They are both star struck by the other’s powers and Barry is truly a kid in a playground touring around Supergirl’s world. During it all, poor Jimmy Olsen is put in the corner wondering how he can compete. Fans of the DC animations shows of the 90’s will recall the episode of Superman: The Animated Series in which he meets the Flash and has a race. Well, that moment plays out here as well. This episode was a definite winner. It felt like a true crossover. It had the Flash and the comedic moments that made that series popular mixed with the elements of Supergirl and the combo worked! Everything laid out beautifully to make for a cohesive plotline, wonderful entertainment and incredible action sequences. Hopefully, the Supergirl/Flash crossover gets explored further and opens up for other such crossovers. Perhaps we can see John Constantine pay Lucifer a visit. He is in hell according to Oliver. Bottom line, DC and Warner Bros are truly pulling out the stop with their various TV series! The foot is on the gas and they ain’t letting up!

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