Supergirl Season 2 Premiere Review!! Super-limited spoilers!!



We have heard since midsummer that there’d be a special family reunion happening on the CW (or DC Nation as it should be called by now). Not only did Supergirl join the other DC shows on the Time-Warner owned network but she has been joined by her cousin Superman in the season premiere! The family reunion kicked off with a dramatic rescue in the done in the vain of “Superman Returns” and the 90’s Superman series “Lois and Clark.” It certainly was entertaining to see how Kara and Clark interacted with those around them. They can feel comfortable around Jimmy Olsen and Alex Danvers who know about them while keeping others, such as Kat Grant and Winn Schott, in the dark. However, despite the happy bonding, Jimmy and Alex begin to feel that they cannot compete with Kara’s famous super-powered relative. Alex has always been the one to be there for Kara whenever she was in trouble but with Clark in town, she slowly finds herself being pushed to the back of the bus. Kara won’t have to rely on her since her “real” family will be there a lot faster. Just like Barry Allen fudged up the timeline, Kara boggles her relationship with Jimmy Olsen. What seemed like a possible working plan has once again fizzled apart. Kara is having a hard time balancing her hero life with her personal life and ends stumbling over herself which results in Jimmy putting his hands up and saying, “You know what, let’s not try this again.” This seems to be a running gag across all the DC shows yet somehow Lois and Clark make it work. Well, maybe Clark can give Kara a couple tips. (Then Kara can tell Barry) John J’onzz has taken a cue from Batman by keeping Kryptonite on board just in case the Kryptonians get out of control which doesn’t bode well with Superman who sees the potential of it being used to hunt him and Kara down.

Tensions between Superman and John J'onzz are undoubtedly clear

Tensions between Superman and John J’onzz are undoubtedly clear

Now let’s move on to the action portion. Disaster is averted thanks to the joined efforts of Supergirl and Superman. First an airplane and then a falling building. These scenes were short-lived, due to the focus being on integrating Clark/Superman into the show, but it is clear that the ante has been upped and scenes like this are going to more dynamic, leaning closer to the comic books. Some fans may feel that including Superman will keep Kara from coming out from under her cousin’s cape and flying on her own. However, this can actually help her. Since Kara is still kinda new to the hero business, she needs a hero to show her to ropes and Alex and John J’onzz can only help her so much, with the latter only willing to help her so much. Hopefully, we get to a point where everyone plays nicely. We’ll just enjoy to rollercoaster drama until then. Supergirl has found the perfect home on the CW and I feel that it will better on a station where the DC fans are gathering and waiting for that ultimate crossover. If the series continues the pace and tone that it has set with this impressive return, there is nowhere for Kara to go except for Up, Up and away.