Super Nintendo World opens Spring 2021, Mario-themed café also revealed!!

What’s-a good, J1 fans!

Well, it’s official! Super Nintendo World will be opening in Spring 2021 at Universal Studios Japan after COVID19 put the original opening date on hold. The Nintendo theme park was set to open Summer 2020 before the Olympics. However, that plan is still happening since the Tokyo Games have also been postponed to Summer 2021. So everything worked out. Also announced is the opening of a Mario-themed café on Hollywood Boulevard in the Hollywood area of the park.

Mario Café and Store will feature food and drink based on famous brothers Mario and Luigi and their pals, asking “Whose Cap?”, referring to which character – Mario, Luigi or Peach – is your favorite. Mario will have a strawberry shortcake treat and Luigi’s will be grape cheesecake. The same strawberry and grape flavors will be for the brothers’ drinks as well, with Princess Peach having her own peach flavored drink as sweet as she is. Visitors will be able to also pick merchandise to fuel their love of all things Mario Bros.

Mario has a strawberry flavored treat suited for him.
Luigi gets his own grape flavored treat.
Strawberry soda for Mario
Luigi grape soda
Princess Peach treat

The merch shop will have “Whose Cap?” exclusives that can only be found at Universal Studios Japan.

Universal Studios Japan officially reopened June 19, but still with reduced attendance and opened only for local residents. Tourists from abroad are still not permitted into the country.