Stargirl teaser trailer – coming to CW Spring 2020

A new hero will shine brightly on the CW!

With so many DC properties already on the CW, one would think there would be no more room. Well, with Arrow on his way out, the space is going to filled by the cosmic superheroine, Stargirl.

Created by former DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns, Stargirl tells the story of high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore (portrayed by Brec Bassinger) who finds a staff among her stepfather’s belongings. She learns that her stepfather was the sidekick of the staff’s previous owner, Star Man.

The CW’s newest rising star shines down in Spring 2020.

Geoff Johns work in television includes the series Blade, Smallville, Arrow and The Flash. He was a co-producer on the film Green Lantern (2011) and a producer on Justice League (2017). He co-wrote the story for Aquaman (2018) and the screenplay for Wonder Woman 1984 (2020).