Starbound Beta v. “Furious Koala”


For some of you who’ve been playing the latest adventure / crafting / exploring game called “Starbound”, you may have been disappointed to find out that your character, who has mined many caves and forged some great weapons, would soon be wiped due to beta issues of the game. Well that wipe happened this morning with the release of beta version “Furious Koala”, and according to Starbound’s development team, it’s the last time they’ll have to delete your character. Joy!


Starbound is an awesome game, made by the developers of Terraria. Beautiful graphics, amazing gameplay, and literally, an entire galaxy of planets to explore. If you haven’t seen or heard of it, you can see how it works from the start thanks to youtube creator EthosLab.

Check out the Starbound website to start your adventure!

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