Spiderman character Venom, heading to Philadelphia!!

Welcome to Philly, son!

One of Spidey’s biggest villains, who went through so many changes, from monstrous villain, to occasional anti-hero, then jumping to all out savior, is making his way over to the “City of Brotherly Love”!

Well, what’s the deal? Okay let me give a little insight on what to expect. Do you remember Eugene “Flash” Thompson? He was the bully/annoying rival of Peter Parker, who went out of his way to be a problem for Parker, but the biggest fan of Spiderman. Well he went off to Iraq to fight in the “war” and sadly lost his legs. He then was approached by the U.S. government to don the alien symbiotic suit, get use of his legs back, and work as a super-powered soldier and spy.

Due to his drinking and other situations that caused him to be looked at as a “problem”, he has decided to start his life over in Philadelphia to become the superhero he always to be.

I better see someone say JAWN in this book or I’ll be sooooo mad!

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