Spider-Man director gearing up for a scary good time!!

Exorcist. Hellraiser. The Exorcism fo Emily Rose. Paranormal Activity. These are just a few titles that may have inspired Sam Raimi, director of the “Spider-Man Trilogy”, while he was working on his latest project. As a horror fan, I have seen the aforementioned movies and as a horror fan I have to say, this looks promising. “The Possession” is about a young girl named Em who buys a mysterious old box at a yardsale. She soon becomes obcessed with opening though her father says it doesn’t appear to be designed for opening. Em succeeds and begins to exhibit unusual and violent behavior. I immediately think of “Emily Rose” with this, sprinkle some “Hellraiser” with the whole evil box deal, toss in some frightening sequences via “Paranormal Activity” and that’s about the jist of “Possession”.

Morgan as John Winchester, left, with Supernatural co-stars Jared Padalecki (Sam) and Jensen Ackles (Dean)

Natasha Calis plays Em Brenek, the young girl who is taken by the evil presence from within the box. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays her father Clyde Brenek. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, fans of the CW series “Supernatural” will know him as John Winchester. This role should not be unfamiliar to him. Kyra Sedgwick is Stephanie Brenek, Em’s mother. Crawl back into your cave if you do not know this woman. Kyra is best known as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on the TNT crime drama “The Closer”. I see her doing an excellent job as a strong female lead.

Danish film director Ole Bornedal (Mimic, co-producer and Nightwatch, director) is the giving “The Possession” guidence with Raimi co-producing along with Robert Tapert whose extensive production list includes the “Evil Dead” film series (with Raimi), “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and the series’ spin-off “Xena: Warrior Princess”, and most recently the Starz series “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”. Raimi and Tapert have worked together on several projects with “The Possession” being the latest.

Prepare to be scared on August 31.

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