Sony reveals new PS VR and Horizon spinoff game!!

How’s it going Gamers!

Virtual reality is getting an upgrade with Sony announcing their new PlayStation VR system. The new PlayStation VR2 will feature eye tracking as well as a Six-axis motion sensing system for head tracking and a 2000 x 2040 OLED screen for each eye that has an adjustable 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rate depending on the game. The best feature is that it will be able to use a USB C cord. The system will also make use of sensory features such as 3D audio, vibration sensors in both controllers and headset, and feedback from the headset that will have players “feel the rush of object passing a characters’ head.”

The controllers have a new feature called finger detection. With this, you will not need to press the buttons for it to know you are touching them. Furthermore, the controllers’ sensor ring will react with the headset rather than cameras on a television.

Along with the new PS VR2, Sony also unveiled the new Horizon spinoff title being developed by Guerilla Game in junction with Firesprite Games who are known for their VR games. Horizon: Call of the Mountain will expand upon the story of Horizon Zero Dawn and introduce a new protagonist. The release dates of both the system and game are unknown at this time other than they will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 5.