Sony prepares to unveil next gen console!!

For a year, rumors have been going around about Sony working on a next gen console to succeed the Playstation 3. The time has come for them to antae-up. Sony plans to reveal the Playstation 4 at an event in New York on February 20. The company is looking for this unveiling to put them ahead of Microsoft, who is expected to reveal the next Xbox in the next few months.

So what can you expect from the PS4? According to the WSJ, Sony plans to focus less on massive hardware improvements and more on integrating social gaming aspects into the new machine. Now for those of us who have the PS2 and PS3, we’re probably expecting backwards capability, right? Hold your horses. The chipset and graphics chip on the new PlayStation are reportedly made by different companies than those that power the PS3, making backward compatibility a less likely feature. (They better correct this)

However, gamers aren’t the only ones excited for the new console, game companies are jumping on the band wagon as well. Earlier this week, Electronic Arts reportedly invested $80 million in software development for “gen 4” consoles. None of this money went to the Wii U.

Speaking of Nintendo’s latest console, sales of the Wii U have tapered off, going from 5.5 million units to 4 million. Hopefully, Platinum Games reconsiders releasing the Bayonetta sequel as a Wii U exclusive.

Sony, of course, is hoping the momentum it plans to start building with this month’s event will help the PlayStation 4 avoid that fate. And so am I.

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