Sony close to acquiring Crunchyroll for nearly $1 billion!!

How’s it going, J1 fans!

Sony looks ready to beef up their anime community should this deal work out with Crunchyroll. According to an in article on The Verge, the house that PlayStation built is close to closing a deal to buy the Japanese anime streaming giant for a cool 100 billion yen, or $987 million US. Crunchyroll’s parent company AT&T has been looking to put Crunchyroll up for adoption for sometime now and saw Sony as the perfect family. Should things roll the right way for Sony, they can boost their anime community with Crunchyroll’s addition alongside US anime company Funimation which they already own. Ironically, Microsoft struck a deal with Funimation earlier in October to help bolster the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate pack which includes two months free subscription to Funimation.

With other streamers such as Hulu and especially Netflix expanding their anime libraries, Microsoft and Sony’s interest is a lucrative goal in the grand scheme of both ecosystems. Even further than that, the amount of anime-inspired video games continues to rise, more so on the PlayStation platforms due to Sony’s outreach beyond western studios. 

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