Shattered Grid: Lord Drakkon Rises

It’s morphin’ time folks, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have come back. Two years ago Boom studios rebooted the series as a comic book set in the modern day, picking up from the conclusion of the ‘green with  evil’ storyline from the original show but the comics go in a completely different direction. One of the biggest revelations was the introduction of Lord Drakkon an evil transdimensional doppelganger of Tommy Oliver with the powers of both the green and white ranger’s powers. Two days ago the video below was released with Jason David Frank as Lord Drakkon preparing to take down the rangers……ALL OF THEM. This video was released as a promotion for the story line called ‘Shattered  Grid’ no doubt referring to a disturbance in the morphing grid. ‘Shattered  Grid’ is believed to be the biggest event to date for the Boom studios rangers. Shattered Grid begins March 28th