Shadows of the Past!! Sleepy Hollow S2 Ep.13 Recap!!


Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Katrina attend an event at the Historical Society where strange murders occur that is connected to Katrina's past friendship with John Adams' wife Abigail.

Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Katrina attend an event at the Historical Society where strange murders occur that is connected to Katrina’s past friendship with John Adams’ wife Abigail.

A man restores a painting of John Adams when it suddenly begins to bleed and stops just the same. Ichabod and Katrina attend a showing of items owned by John and Abigail Adams at Sleep Hollow’s Historical Society. Katrina senses a strange presence while there. At the sheriff station, Abbie sees that Frank Irving is alive. She calls Ichabod and tells him about Frank. Ichabod tells Abbie about the murder that just occurred. Katrina recounts several murder cases that Abigail Adams was investigating. She and Ichabod search for clues to the identity of the killer spirit. They turn up the identity of a painter named Colby who was not credited for his work and is seeking a way to return to the living world. Meanwhile, Abbie tells Frank’s ex-wife Cynthia about his return. She wants to see him but Abbie is not sure if it is safe. As a precaution, Abbie has Jenny talk with Hawley about an item that can kill the undead. Jenny finds the body of the last victim who was killed by bullets capable of killing anything. Ichabod talks with the curator Miller about the painting. Just as Ichabod tries to save Miller, Colby grabs Miller and drags him into the painting. Ichabod and Katrina enter the painting to save Miller and keep Colby trapped.

Michelle Trachtenberg portrays Abigail Adams. She is best remembered for her role as Dawn Summers on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and Georgina Sparks on "Gossip Girl."

Michelle Trachtenberg portrays Abigail Adams. She is best remembered for her role as Dawn Summers on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and Georgina Sparks on “Gossip Girl.”

Ichabod and Katrina get a night out and attend a gathering at Sleepy Hollow’s Historical Society, a place they feel very comfortable at. On display are items that were once owned by John and Abigail Adams. Katrina is taken aback when she sees the desk that belonged to Abigail Adams with whom she was a dear friend. When at restoration artist is killed, Katrina recounts murder cases that Abigail was working on with her husband when while he was a lawyer. This time it is Katrina who gets the Assassin’s Creed treat instead of Ichabod. Before he was the nation’s first vice president, John Adams worked as a lawyer with Abigail as his advisor. Abigail talked to Katrina about the murders of several girls in 1781. In actuality, there were several murder cases during that period including the famous James Yates murders, where James Yates kills his wife and three children upon being instructed by voices. Investigating further, the Cranes happen upon the name of a painter who was disgraced and turned to murder to express his work. The painter, whose name is Colby, is trying to complete a portrait of the Hanging Man in order to escape the very painting he was imprisoned by Katrina’s witch coven. Katrina learns of this from notes she found in a hidden compartment of Abigail Adams’ desk. One of the signs of the Hanging Man tarot card is resurrection. So it makes sense. Colby’s spirit kills anyone who touches the painting and places them in the Hanging Man position and slits their throat, using their blood to finish the picture in order to escape into the real world. Luckily, he is stopped thanks to Abigail Mills and some magic bullets. I like that the focus was shifted from Ichabod’s past to Katrina in this episode. Surely, she had some interaction with famous figures from the Revolutionary Era just like her husband. And I don’t see this as the only time we get a glimpse into Katrina Crane’s past.

Last episode he came back. Now he seeks help from the only person he can. Frank Irving makes his way to the sheriff station in search of Abbie Mills. He has no memory of what happened beyond his last stand against Moloch’s forces. Abbie is glad to see her old boss back but she is very wary of him. Henry owns his soul and Frank’s resurrection may be a sign of something terrible. Her suspicions are built off of Andy Brooks who also died and returned to life as a minion of darkness. Abbie fears the same of Frank. Earlier in the season, Henry Parrish told Frank that he is the key to him bringing war to Sleepy Hollow. Abbie may have a right to be suspicious of Frank. Just as he taken to prison as an accused cop killer, Leena Reyes tells Abbie that a crucial piece of information may clear Irving of all charges. This information was not provided by either Abbie or Ichabod Crane. Could this have Henry Parrish written all over it? He is Frank’s lawyer after all.