Secrets are revealed! RWBY Volume 6 Ep.3 Recap!!

Qrow: “Look. It’s a review. It’s got spoilers. You know the drill.”

Salem was just a ordinary young maiden like any other

What is Ozpin hiding from us?

That is the question Ruby Rose asked Jinn, the Spirit of Knowledge that dwells within the relic that was found in Haven, in the second episode last week. After that fall of Beacon and the rise of the Grimm led by Salem, Ozpin has been very sketchy about his purpose and his current task for dealing with the darkness spreading across Remnant. He has kept knowledge – both valuable and invaluable – from his students and Qrow. Since Ozpin’s return in the final few episodes of Volume 5, Ruby and her friends have been very suspicious of their former headmaster. Now, it seems they had good reason.

Jinn tells everyone Ozpin’s story, the dark secret Ozpin wanted none of them to hear – not even Qrow. Just as many fans suspected, Ozpin and Salem were once lovers. Salem was rescued by Ozpin a long time ago and the two grew closer over time. Sadly, Ozpin (or Ozma as he was known back then) died from illness. Grief stricken, Salem beseeches the God of Light to bring her love back to life. But the God of Light refuses. She then turns to the God of Darkness who fulfills her request, however, he eliminates Ozma again after his brother, the God of Light, reminds them of the pact they made to maintain the balance. As punishment, Salem is made immortal by the God of Light, so she will never be reunited with Ozma not even in death. Salem, feeling betrayed by the Gods, leads humanity in a war against them and the God of Darkness extinguishes all of humanity, leaving Salem the sole survivor. Then they leave the planet.

Salem and Ozpin once fought alongside each other

The God of Light greets Ozma in the realm between life and death. He leaves Ozma with the four sacred relics and grants the ability to be continuously reincarnated until he can prove to them that humanity is worthy of their presence once again. Ozma and Salem soon reunite and proclaim themselves the new Gods of Remnant. However, Salem keeps her immortality secret from Ozma while Ozma neglects to tell her about his resurrection and purpose. For a time, they kept the balance between light and dark until Ozma begins to see the woman that Salem has become and tells her the truth. Feeling betrayed, Salem turns on Ozma, thus starting their conflict. Due to his “gift from the Gods”, Ozma continuously reincarnates in search of the other relics. He finds the Relics of Knowledge and asks Jinn about the other three. Then his final question to her is given an answer he was not hoping for – Salem cannot be killed.

After so many secrets, Ruby and the others finally get answers.

Ruby and the others finally have their answer. A secret like this can very impactful and change how they view Ozpin. Qrow is even in awe that such a thing would be kept from him. He has known Ozpin for a while and likely sees him as the last person who would ever deceive him. How will this revelation affect their friendship? Qrow is used to Ozpin being cryptic and may have even accepted it, but this is something that affects everyone, affects the world. No doubt Qrow will question and make his assessment of Ozpin. As for Team RWBY, Jaune, Nora and Ren, their faith in Ozpin likely will waver, especially Yang and possibly Blake. Jaune may also develop angst towards Ozpin since we see him going after Ozpin in the opening credits. More key items were revealed as well such as the Season Maidens – Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall – being the children of Salem and Ozpin and what happened to the moon which has remained a mystery until now. One question remains within the lamp. And I think we may get a long-time question answered – the story behind Ruby Rose’s silver eyes.