RWBY Volume 4 Episode 1 Review!! 99% Spoiler-Free!!


Beacon has fallen. A new threat arises. And old friends must reunite. Rooster Teeth’s popular web series returns for a fourth season. RWBY picks up nearly a year after Cinder led a massive assault on Beacon, leaving the school in ruin and the students in disarray. With her team disbanded, Ruby joins the remaining members of Team JNPR after the loss of Pyrrha Nikos in the third season finale and, together, they continue the journey to Haven. This new program the animation team is using definitely makes an improvement in the quality of the show. The character designs are smoother and so is their animation. And it’s not just the characters that have been improved upon, the environment, such as the trees and brush, look more luscious and lively than before. The Grimm look even more menacing with this newer, better program.


The tone of RWBY has been changed, going for a darker image than in previous seasons. The characters will go through changes in dealing with the loss of friends, their school and what to do next about the new enemy in Haven. From what has been revealed in an earlier trailer, Ruby has gone through some training and learned new skills and abilities. Jaune seems to coming into his own as leader and strategist, whereas before he was awkward with the job. While Ruby appears to be dealing with these issues in her own manner, Yang, Weiss and Blake contend with personal matters. This illustrates the slightly more serious direction that the series is heading in. However, the characters still retain the personalities, such as Ren and Nora having a dispute over their team name, that have made them fun and loveable. So there’s no need to worry about it suddenly becoming more “adult” in a sense. With these elements, RWBY looks to be very interesting this season.

RWBY Volume 4 began airing on Rooster Teeth on October 22!

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