Round 3 with Charlie!! Supernatural S8 Ep20 Recap!!


"I'm back, b****es." Felicia Day returns as Charlie Bradbury

Sam and Dean are on the search for Kevin Tran. However, Sam is not up to snuff after the second trial and Dean advises him to stay put. The brothers receive an email from Charlie who manages to find the storehouse of the Men of Letters. Inside, Charlie tells them about a case involving a strange death. Sam wants to take the case but Dean takes Charlie who has proven herself worthy. However, they run into trouble at the hospital and decide to return later that night. Two young men are walking along railroad tracks when they happen upon a dead bloated body. One of them pokes it with a stick before it bursts open. Dean and Charlie arrive at the scene only to discover that Sam is already there. They argue about Sam being on the field which ends with Dean leaving in the Impala.

Dean arrives at the coroner’s office after Sam and Charlie. The coroner arrives the office moments later. Charlie distracts her while the Winchester’s check out the morgue and discover that the bodies have been cremated. The trio returns to the storehouse and learn that a Jinn is behind the recent murders; however, this Jinn is an offspring with blue glowing eyes. Charlie encounters the creature at her apartment—in the guise of the coroner Jennifer O’Brien. Using her phone’s GPS, Dean and Sam track her to her apartment. They discover that Charlie has been using her various aliases to make donations to Gertrude Milton who is her mother. Dean takes his findings to Sam who tells him about Jennifer O’Brien. They learn that Jennifer owns two pieces of property, one of which is a warehouse. They find the warehouse and inside find Charlie who is in a deep sleep. They brother encounter and kill the Jinn, and give Charlie the antidote but it doesn’t take. With no other alternative, Dean drinks the Dream Root and enters Charlie’s dream where she tells him that this Jinn feeds off fear and that there are two of them.

Sam succeeds in killing the other Jinn who is Jennifer’s son while Dean and Charlie deal with the creatures in her nightmare. Charlie mentions that she has been in an endless loop. Dean realizes that it is fear that drives the Jinn’s poison and convinces Charlie to let go of the fear of losing her mother. Charlie blames herself for her parents’ deaths but she soon relents and forgives herself which breaks the Jinn’s curse. Sam and Dean see Charlie off as she decides to visit her mother. After she leaves, Dean goes to Sam, hugs him and suggests they find Kevin Tran—together. At the hospital, Charlie sits with her mother and reads the book she has been read to numerous times before for one last time.

The reason for the title is that this is Felicia Day’s third appearance. It was nice seeing Charlie again after the “LARPing and the Real Girl” episode. She is a fun character who brings the lighter side of the show’s otherwise dark satire, plus she and Dean have similar interests and play off each other nicely. The scene where Charlie has to “role play for real” by disguising herself as an FBI agent makes for an awkward moment for Dean yet entertaining for those who like to see Mr. Tough Guy in one of these moments. Watching Charlie struggle with playing another character out of the LARPing she’s normally used is delightful. However, as the episode we get a look at the sincere side of her. She has been using various aliases to funnel money into a charity account to keep her mother, who has been in a vegetative state since being involved in car accident 16 years ago, alive in a hospital in Topeka, Kansas. Seeing her share a tender moment with Dean gives us insight to the tough girl exterior. Guess even the toughest girls have a creamy center. I don’t think this will be the last we hear from Charlie.

Oh brother, what’s a Supernatural episode without a bout of Winchester vs. Winchester? Sam is not quite himself after completing the second trial which concerns Dean. And Dean, being the big brother (or rather older brother as Sam is the taller of the two) he is, has to watch out for his younger sibling. This usually turns out leaving him behind as a sick Sammy will slow him down. One would think that after asking a good friend to sacrifice himself to save your brother that things would be better. Well their argument wasn’t that bad this time. In the past, their fights ended with them separating before something bad happens that pulls them back together. This fight, on the other hand, ended on a good note. After helping Charlie let go of feeling sorry for her mother’s condition, Dean realizes that he must do the same for Sam. He has to believe that his brother will complete the trials and he will be fine when all is said and done. When Charlie leaves, Dean gives Sam a hug and says, “C’mon, let’s get our Prophet.” This reassures him that no matter what, he will always have Sam’s back.

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