Return to Zombieland!! Time to ‘Nut up’ for Reuben Fleisher directed sequel!!

It’s time to ‘Nut up or Shut up’ once again! Sony Pictures has confirmed a sequel to the horror comedy, “Zombieland” will begin production in the weeks to come. The 2009 post-apocalyptic film follows a geeky college kid making his way through the zombie apocalypse, meeting three strangers along the way and together taking an extended road trip across the Southwestern United States in an attempt to find a sanctuary free from zombies. Zombieland was well received by critics and a commercial success. It beat out Shaun of the Dead as the top grossing zombie film in the United States, until World War Z in 2013.

The film had an incredible cultural impact and generated a devoted fanbase that yearns for a sequel. The Hollywood Reporter says that Sony is moving forward with the sequel and that all the right pieces are in place. Rueben Fleisher will return as director following his “Venom” project and Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have written the script. As an added bonus, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin will reprise their roles of the Twinkie loving zombie-killer Tallahassee, quirky college student Columbus, con artist Wichita and her mischievous sister Little Rock, respectively. Production is planned to begin in early 2019 with the intended release date set for October 2019, near the first film’s tenth anniversary.

Sources: Hollywood Reporter