Ravers Rejoice! LED Gloves, Cheap for the day!

So you walk into a club, there’s dubstep music shaking the room, lights all over the ceiling, everyones dancing, and to make the experience even crazier, there’s a guy with LED strobes on each of his fingertips making crazy patterns in the air! Sounds familiar?

Rave Gloves, the best compliment to dance music since the disco ball. And TODAY ONLY they’re mad cheap!

EmazingLights.com, “#1 Leader in Gloving and Lightshows”. And they’ve got enough youtube videos of their glove sets in action to prove it! If you’ve never seen ‘gloving’ done before, check out this video:

For the rest of the day, you can select from 20 of their different glove sets which are usually priced at $49.99, for $19.99!

There’s a demonstration video for nearly each one of the glove sets.. and if you’re not really into the idea of gloving, the lights alone serve plenty of purposes. You can use the included velcro to fix them to your hats, shirts, or shoes. They also make excellent keychains and necklaces.

Click HERE to check out the glove sale page, and if you decide to make a purchase, enter the coupon code “FO” to receive 2 FREE eDot lights along with your purchase!

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