R.I.P. Francisco “Frankie” Rodriguez

7 years ago, when I first joined J1 Studios, I was assigned to what was then known as the Comic Book Clash and met who would become, a close friend, a mentor, and a kindred spirit. Frankie had a true passion for all things nerdy, when we started out we were 2 guys writing about comic books, but we eventually evolved into a whole team within a team providing a nerd entertainment hub within a nerd entertainment hub. With our shared love of comics, various forms of Tokusatsu, wrestling, anime, etc. spent a lot of time either hanging out  or talking on the phone or over Skype whether it be about original story ideas of our own creation, the happenings within our favorite fictional universes or just the events of the day. Frankie really cared about pushing content for the Clash and later, his own blog, the Broken Infinite, what we did really meant a lot to him. Frankie was a great friend to me, many others within the J1 community and the nerd community as a whole and will surely be missed. Until we meet again, on behalf of myself and everyone here at J1 Studios may the force be with you, may the power protect you, and don’t forget to keep on clashing. Rest in peace my friend.

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