Pro cosplayer Yaya Han looks stunning as Resident Evil 8’s Lady Dimitrescu!!

Professional cosplayer Yaya Han recently revealed that she had been commissioned by Capcom to cosplay Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil: Village, the upcoming next installment in the long running Resident Evil series. Yaya walks through the process of making the tall vampire lady’s outfit from start to stunning finish.

Yaya Han is well known in the world of cosplay and geek culture. She is a regular judge at cosplay competitions and is known for amazing cosplays. Here is a few pictures of her below in costume.

G.I. Joe – Baroness
Banshee Queen Enira – Lineage II
Dark Phoenix – X-Men: Dark Phoenix
Street Fighter’s Chun-Li is one of Yaya Han’s most recognizable cosplays

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