Premiere date set for third season of Attack on Titan!!

The wait is over! Pony Canyon has begun streaming the promo video for the third season of Attack on Titan! The anime adaption of Hajime Isayama’s dark fantasy, post apocalyptic manga series is slated to return July 22, 2018. The third season picks up from the Season Two reveal and final confrontation with Annie Leonheart aka the Female Titan, and the discovery of the Colossus Titans hidden inside the walls. As seen in several released visuals, Season Three will introduce Kenny Ackerman, Levi’s uncle, and Rod Weiss, the true ruler of the city. Kazuhiro Yamaji (One-Punch Man’s Silver Fang, Psycho-Pass’ Jouji Saiga) will play Kenny Ackerman, and Yūsaku Yara (The Legend of the Galactic Heroes’ Narrator, Saint Seiya’s Sagittarius Aiolos) will play Rod Reiss.

The anime’s official website revealed a new visual for the third season.