Pleased to meet you, Mr. President…again!! Sleepy Hollow S2 Ep.16 Recap!!



Crane and Abbie investigate the disappearance of maintenance workers in the tunnels under Sleepy Hollow. They find the workers equipment which has mapped a room hidden beneath. Abbie finds a cell phone that recorded the attack. After returning to the archives and learning more about the chamber built by Thomas Jefferson and the creatures guarding it, they return to and enter the chamber. Abbie and Crane are immediately attacked by the creatures, forcing them to leave and close the trap door leading to it. They encounter Calvin Riggs whose brother Daniel is among the missing workers. Calvin threatens to call the press. With no other recourse, Abbie allows Calvin to assist them though Crane is adamantly against the idea. They reenter the tunnel where Crane and Abbie deal with the Reavers, leaving Calvin in the upper tunnel. Soon the door opens to the chamber. Abbie and Crane quickly enter where Ichabod meets an old friend Thomas Jefferson. Meanwhile, Frank Irving has Jennifer break into the police evidence room in order to steal items referring to the Hellfire Club. Back in the chamber, Crane tries to convince Jefferson to help him find the missing men. At the same time Abbie discovers the Reavers’ nest behind the room. Thomas Jefferson reveals that the Reavers are the power source to the room.


He was philosophical, an architect, President and more importantly, writer of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson makes his appearance in Sleepy Hollow. No, he wasn’t resurrected “Lazarus” style like Crane. The Second President in fact he his consciousness stored away in a device he personally built that was infused with magic by the witch coven he and George Washington worked closely with. Ichabod was both shocked and elated to meet his one-time friend in the modern world. According to Crane’s backstory, he assisted Thomas Jefferson while he wrote the document that would prove to the British that the colonists of America are free from the oppression of King George III and had become thirteen independent colonies. Thomas Jefferson tells Crane that the chamber of his design houses all the knowledge he and Abbie need in their fight as Witnesses. However, Crane and Abbie tells him that they need to rescue the three maintenance workers who were taken by the chamber’s guardian the Reavers. Earlier, Crane tells Abbie that the Reavers were once a part of George Washington’s private army in the fight against the British. Ichabod tries to swoon Jefferson into allowing them to rescue the men. Jefferson tries to persuade Crane into learning more about his job as a Witness and that the lives of the three men is a small price to pay to protect the lives of many. There was a time Crane would have believed that but that doesn’t apply now. Being a member of the Congress of the Confederation, Jefferson was steadfast in keeping Crane on track. But he soon relents once Ichabod wins him over, making Jefferson realize that there is far more at stake should anyone else find the chamber. So Crane destroys the chamber. Here I am thinking ‘Cool! They got some new digs to battle the supernatural. And Crane can finally have someone to relate to.’ Well, guess that ain’t happening.

It has been revealed that Frank Irving is being controlled by Henry Parrish since Henry has claim on Frank’s soul. Frank manages to use a rune to keep his evil side under wraps so he can steal a USB containing information on the Hellfire Club’s finances with help from Jennifer Mills. At first, she suspects him of working for Henry and she was too far off. Frank spills the beans about his dark half that will overtake him soon and he needed the USB to set up his ex-wife and child with enough money for them to leave Sleepy Hollow and disappear. Guess this is his final act while he still has his humanity before Evil Frank takes over.

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