Paul Dano is cast as Riddler in “The Batman!!”

Now that Robert Pattison is solidified as Bruce Wayne/Batman, it is time to move on to the supporting cast. Jeffrey Wright has been signed on the play Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon and Zoe Kravitz will fill the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman. The latest addition to Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” film will be Paul Dano as Edward Nigma/The Riddler.

According to THR, Paul Dano has been cast as Gotham’s perplexing puzzler. This will be a big leap for Dano who has played in several smaller films including Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood, and Prisoners. He has stayed out of the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, although he did have a role in 2011’s “Cowboys vs. Aliens.”

The last time The Riddler has been portrayed in a theatrical film was 1995’s “Batman Forever.” Jim Carrey donned a bright green jumpsuit (ala Frank Gorshin who played the character in the 1960’s Batman television series) for his over the top portrayal in Joel Schumacher’s vision of Gotham City.

Sources: Screenrant