New Sailor Moon series set to simulcast this winter!!

Well, the new Sailor Moon anime will not air in the summer as first planned. Instead, it will begin airing in December or early January. And here’s a bonus, it will not only be airing in Japan but worldwide, meaning that fans of the Pretty Guardians in various countries will be able to enjoy the Sailor Senshi as they continue their fight in the name of justice. Fumio Osano, editor of Kodansha, has said that the new series is not a reboot but an exploration of new plots which may lead some fans to wonder if their favorite moments and relationships will return. As of now, a voice cast has not been revealed. Although Kotono Mitsuishi, voice of Sailor Moon or Usagi Tsukino, as well as Toru Furuya, voice of Tuxedo Mask or Mamoru Chiba, were in attendance at the Anniversary Event, their involvement with the new series is not confirmed. Hopefully, this changes.

It was also revealed at the Anniversary Event this year that the show would receive an opening and closing theme from a girl idol group called Momoiro Clover Z. Needless to say, this is absolutely appropriate since the original series also had a girl group. For now, we have a relatively short wait for the show, and a much shorter wait than if streaming were not an option. If nothing else, it’s nice that we won’t have to try and find poor quality subs on shady sites to enjoy our favorite magical girl group.

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