New info for Bayonetta 3 coming soon, says Hideki Kamiya

What’s happening, fellow gamers!

It has been a long while since we have heard anything regarding the return of our favorite gun-toting, hair weaving witch. Bayonetta 3 was first announced at the Game Awards 2017 as a Switch exclusive title. Then things went silent.

Now there is a little light in the tunnel. During an interview with Satoshi Hamada, CEO of Hamster, Platinum Games director and creator of Bayonetta, Hideki Kamiya said that he will have info about the game at some point this year. No more details were revealed during their conversation. Kamiya told Hamada that while he isn’t allowed to say much, production of the game is moving along and that he is working on a few other projects.

This is not much but it something. We waited three years for more about Bayonetta 3, so what few more weeks.

…or months.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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