Netflix releases anime music video “Born to Fight” featuring Stan Bush!!

What’s up, J1 fans! You ready to stand up and fight?! Then check out this anime music video released by Netflix featuring the song “Born to Fight” by Stan Bush. The video uses scenes from Netflix’s popular fighting series “Baki” and “Kengen Ashura.”

Many 80s kids will recall Stan Bush performing the title song “The Touch” from “Transformers: The Movie.” Bush’s other soundtrack credits include “Fight to Survive” from Bloodsport and “Never Surrender” from Kickboxer. For the Born to Fight video, he reunited with “The Touch” co-songwriter Lenny Macaluso.

The first season of Baki premiered on Netflix in June 2018 in Japan for 26 episodes. The first season was split when it debuted outside of Japan – part one premiered December 2018, followed by the second half in March 2019. The second season premiered July 2019. Kensen Ashura debuted on Netflix in July 2019, followed by its second part – episodes 13 to 24 – in October 2019.