Netflix drops two trailers for original anime EDEN ahead of May 27 premiere!!

What up, J1sters! Are you excited for new anime?!

Netflix US and Netflix Japan dropped two trailers for the upcoming original anime series EDEN that follows a young girl living in a world populated only by robots. The four-episode series directed by Yasuhiro Irie (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) is set to premiere May 27.

Synopsis: In a distant future lies a city known as “EDEN”, barren of humans for thousands of years. Robots have been the only form of existence since. A human baby girl, Sara, awakes from stasis, questioning all they were taught to believe. No longer an ancient myth, two robots E92 and A37 become her surrogate parents, raising her in a safe haven outside EDEN. Who is Sara, and if humans have not existed for a long time, where and why did she appear? Join the 3 unlikely bunch on their journey to discover the truth.

The English cast includes:

  • Sara: Ruby Rose
  • E92: David Tennant
  • A37: Rosario Dawson
  • S566: JP Karliak
  • Zero: Neil Patrick Harris
  • Zurich: Cassandra Lee Morris
  • Genève: Julie Nathanson

The JP cast includes:

  • Sara: Marika Takano
  • E92: Kentaro Ito
  • A37: Kyoko Hikami
  • S566: Tarusuke Shingaki
  • Zero: Koichi Yamadera
  • Zurich: Yuki Kuwahara
  • Genèvea: Yuko Kaida