Need for Speed Official Movie Trailer – March 2014


Need for speed has always been an awesome game. From its titles on the first Playstation up until today they’ve always made a memorable experience out of crashing cars, dodging cops and feeling like you’re in the drivers seat going FAST. They’ve never really offered much in terms of a story though. It’s usually just win some races, get better cars, crash those cars, get even better cars. The only characters are usually you, the player, and the un-named rival racers. But now, along with the release of the newest game, Need for Speed Rivals, they decided it was time to put out a full blown movie, actors and all!

What do you think of this? When a movie is made from a game such as street fighter or metal gear solid, It’s a title people can get psyched for since we’ve come to know and love the characters involved. Need for Speed though? I’d rather just enjoy one of the six (soon to be seven) Fast and the Furious movies. Leave a comment below with your opinion!


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