Native Instruments: Next Level Music Production

Music producers, beginners and veterans, all who enjoy the fun of making beats… If you haven’t discovered the vast world of sound that Native Instruments provides, prepare to be blown away.

Today I am sharing news of their latest software expansion kit for their Hardware controller, Maschine. Titled “Conant Gardens”, after a district of Detroit, this compilation of percussion, sampled phrases, and instrumental clips brings jazz, funk, soul, deep house, and hip-hop into one bundle of sound that will give your music a very smooth and laid back attitude. Also, as a tribute to the legendary Detroit artist that was J-Dilla, Native instruments is donating a percentage of each Conant Gardens purchase to the J-Dilla Foundation, an organization striving to fund inner city music programs.

Check out the new Maschine Expansion pack HERE 

PS. I have been privileged to see the talented K-Murdock using Maschine live to make construct a beat while Rapper MegaRan performed an amazing freestyle at J1’s Mayhem Madness event. That was about the best live hip hop performance I’ve ever witnessed.

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