Nana Mizuki to release two new singeles over the next two months!!

Popular Anison songstress and voice actress Nana Mizuki is doing something special for her fans. According to the announcement of her official website, she will be releasing her next singles back to back. The 37th single, “WONDER QUEST EP”, is planned for release on September 26. Her 38th single, “NEVER SURRENDER”, is set nearly one month later with a launch date of October 24. This is not the first time Nana Mizuki has released two consecutive singles. In 2010, she released her 21st single “Phantom Minds” and 22nd single “Silent Bible” on January 13 and February 10, respectively.

Nana Mizuki is currently on her “NANA MIZUKI LIVE ISLAND 2018” that has performed in 10 cities across Japan. Once she is done in Japan, Nana Mizuki will play shows at National Taiwan Sport University in Taipei, Taiwan, on September 26 and at Shanghai Himalayas Center in Shanghai, China, on October 13.

37th single “WONDER QUEST EP” (September 26, 2018 release)
1. “TBA”
2. “TBA”
3. “Birth of Legend” (Smartphone game Koukyousei Million Arthur theme song)
4. “Hungry Hungry” (beef bowl restaurant chain Nakau TV-CM song)

38th single “NEVER SURRENDER” (October 24, 2018 release)
1. “NEVERR SURRENDER” (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation theme song)
2. “TBA” (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation insert song)
3. “Searchlight” (Live-action film Futatsu no Kinou to Boku no Mirai theme song)
4. “TBA” (TV anime Ken En Ken Aoki kagayaki OP song)

Source: Nana Mizuki official website