Midi Fighter 3D: Music meets Motion

Watch out Traktor Kontrol F1, Competition has arrived.

You know those iPhone apps that let you mess with a beat or sound by tilting your phone around to modulate the features? If tilting to play is a style that interests you, you’ll be excited to know that DJ TECH TOOLS just released the “professional version”. A valid competitor to Native Instrument’s new Traktor Kontrol F1 unit, the Midi Fighter 3D comes with 16 pads, each with an RGB LED backlighting system. It uses arcade style buttons for triggering your samples, as opposed to pads, and Four rectangular SHIFT buttons allow you to edit and play your sounds under different filters and effects. The thing that sets the Midi Fighter apart from the competition, however, is the 6 Midi routed Motion Axises that measure how you’re tilting and rotating the controller. I’d say more about this wild device, but the talented Ean Golden will explain its awesome features more in depth:


2 – 4 Player action:


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