Meet Kurumi Tokisaki in Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet memorial PV!!

Following the surprise announcement, the official Date A Live website began streaming a video that recaps the series from the beginning in 2013 to the recent Date A Live III in 2019 and a sneak peek at the next project, the spinoff series Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet which features Kurumi Tokisaki as the main protagonist. The spinoff series has been published from Kadokowa’s Fujimi Fantasia Bunko since March 2017. It currently has five volumes available.

Voice actress Asami Sanada is confirmed to be reprising her role as Kurumi. The 42 year old actress has been voicing the character since 2013. She says, “I’m glad from the bottom of my heart to be able to play Kurumi-san once again. And at the same time, I feel excited and responsible because this is ‘Date A Bullet’ (which features her as its protagonist). I want to face Kurumi-san with everything I can! I would appreciate your support!”