Martial Arts Weapons are Just a Click Away

Who knew you could have a pair of iron Sai delivered to your home for  only $49.00?

A set of Oak nunchaku for $14.00.



Unsharpened Aluminum Broadswords for $29 a set.



A Red Oak Bo Staff for $24.95

Yo Guys! Who wants to play Ninja Turtles!? holds just about every martial arts weapon you could ask for. Each weapon is supplied in both a hard, real weapon form, and a cheaper foam or rubber form for practice or sparring with a friend or sibling. They also hold several varieties of shin guards, fist wraps, gloves, and headgear to soften the blows in your ninja duels.

Make an Order of 25.00 or more and get free shipping. Thats 4 pairs of foam nunchaku with chain. Epic Ninja Battles will ensue.

Or if you’d rather throw things, you can get a set of stars for 3.95. or throwing needles for 6!

Set up a cardboard box with some rings on it and have fun with your friends!


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