Mark Hamill kills it (again) as the Trickster!! The Flash S2 Ep.9 Winter Finale Recap!!



Iris tells Barry about her brother Wally. At Iron Heights prison, Mark Mardon uses his powers to free both Leonard Snart and the Trickster and strikes a deal with them to kill the Flash. At the CCPD, Iris tells her father Joe about his son Wally West. Upset over the news, Joe heads back to his desk. Iris and Barry return home to find Leonard Snart there. He tells them about Mark Mardon’s plan to kill him along with Trickster. However, Snart is not with them. Barry asks Snart for his help but Snart refuses and leaves. The Trickster broadcasts a message to the Flash, calling him out. Cisco tracks him to an abandoned toy factory. Flash arrives there to find Patty Spivot. Trickster has set a trap for Flash using dreidels filled with C4 explosives. Flash manages to spin his arms fast enough to carry him and Patty out of the factory before it is destroyed by the bombs. Patty tells Flash about her father death at the hands of Mark Mardon before she leaves in her car. Back at Star Labs, Harrison Wells has a secret meeting with Zoom in the basement. Cisco picks up Mark Mardon at Central City Park. Flash races to the rooftop of a building with the Weather Wand. Mardon falls from the roof and uses his powers to fly, leading Flash on a chase through the city until they reach the park. He reveals that Trickster, dressed as Santa, handed out presents with bombs in them to hundred children and they will detonate unless Flash lets Mardon kill him. Meanwhile, Wells, Cisco and Jay Garrick uses a drone to attract the other bombs and send them through the singularity. With the bombs gone, Flash takes out Trickster and Mark Mardon. Patty then arrives on the scene and uses a gun to anchor Flash to the ground so she can kill Mardon. Flash begs her to spare his life which she eventually does. Later, everyone gathers at Joe’s house for a Christmas party. Answering a knock at the door, Joe meets his son Wally. Elsewhere, Harrison Wells meets with Zoom again and tells him he will help him steal Barry’s power.


You know what the Flash needs? More Trickster. Again, Mark Hamill is dead on as the cunning joke oriented villain, which isn’t hard since he’s been playing this type of role for twenty plus years. His performance was the height of the winter finale. He was recruited, along with Leonard Snart, by Mark Mardon aka Weather Wizard to kill the Flash. Trickster played the wild card, capable of causing wanton mayhem without reason or regard. In Joker fashion (and it is so hard to not see him as the Clown Prince of Crime), he has sent out a hundred Christmas presents loaded with explosives, terrorizing Central City. This is almost similar to the Batman: The Animated Series episode “Christmas with the Joker”, which marked Hamill’s first portrayal of the character. No doubt, Mark Hamill is amazing in any role he plays and he kills it again! Plus, the use of the source material is ever impressive. Heck, we finally get to see Mark Mardon use the Weather Wand himself, which is a nod to the character in the pre-New 52 comics. Leonard Snart displays some form of honor when he decided not to join Mardon and Trickster in killing the Flash. Instead, he chooses to help Flash by telling about the plot for his demise. This likely stems from Barry saving his sister Lisa’s life. Although, he will never admit it.


One thing that is a running gag in the series is the closet of secrets everyone has. Iris kept the secret of having a brother from her father Joe but she does eventually tell him. Weirdly, Joe is only upset that he didn’t reach out to his ex-wife sooner to learn that he had a son, not at Iris for keeping it from him. On the other hand, he did lie to her about her mother being dead so it’s fair. DC fans will recall that Wally West is in fact Iris’s nephew. Here, he is her younger brother. The story goes that Wally was struck by lightning while visiting the crime laboratory where Barry worked at and doused with the same chemicals that turned Barry into the Flash. Does this mean we could see Kid Flash or Impulse appearing soon? Well, Wally’s backstory may’ve changed making this unlikely, but on the flip side, the circumstances are still there to make this happen. Harrison Wells was sent by Zoom to steal Barry’s power for Zoom. This sets up the possibility for something to happen that could make Wally West into a speedster. Or it could rob Zoom of his power and transfer them to Jay Garrick, thus restoring his speed. There are plenty of possibilities. Luckily, we don’t have to wait long. New episodes of the Flash return in January.