Lupe Fiasco vs Daigo Umehara?! This may be a possibility!

So it’s rare that hip hop and fighting games collide, however this may be a match for the ages. Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, known better as Lupe Fiasco, has somehow managed to book an unofficial Street Fighter V exhibition with none other than MCZ|Daigo Umehara today on Twitter. After Lupe posted on Twitter about having watched Daigo at EVO, MadCatz Community & Sponsorship Manager, MarkMan, offered to set up a match between the two. Lupe’s Response:
27_lupefightWhile no date has been set yet for this match, Lupe has been promoting this on his Twitter, saying that he will be training for the fight with Ken as his main. When asked about how legitimate the exhibition would be, MarkMan responded with “I’m working with Lupe Fiasco to make it happen. He’s down to play.”

Source: EventHubs

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