Love is a battlefield!! Once Upon a Time S3 Ep.7 Recap!!


Belle (Emilie De Ravin) finds the mystical Pandora's Box in Gold's shop

Belle (Emilie De Ravin) finds the mystical Pandora’s Box in Gold’s shop

Belle watches as the Jolly Roger enters a portal to Neverland. She informs every one of the situation and hands Mother Superior/Blue Fairy the cloaking spell. The dwarves lead the residents to the mines in order to find fairy dust. Once they find it, Belle casts a spell to shield Storybrooke but not before outsiders cross over the line. Gold tells Ariel to go to Storybrooke and find Belle. Ariel’s exit from Neverland does not go unnoticed by Pan. Emma, Neil, Mary Margaret, David and Hook plan to capture Pan’s shadow order to leave Neverland. Ariel arrives in Storybrooke where she meets the seven dwarves and asks about Belle. Her arrival does not go as stealthy as expected. Belle is still upset of the possibility of Gold not returning. Grumpy enters Granny’s diner with Ariel. She hands Belle the sand dollar which has a message from Gold. Henry tells Pan that he knows that his family is in Neverland. Pan tries to convince him otherwise but Henry refuses to listen. Meanwhile, Neil, Emma and Hook make plans to go to the Dark Hollow where they will be able to find Pan’s shadow. In Gold’s shop, Belle and Ariel find the item Rumpletiltskin/Gold needs to defeat Peter Pan using the tea cup Belle chipped when she lived with him in the Enchanted Forest. The outsiders, who work for Peter Pan, enter the shop and tie up Belle and Ariel. Unlike Tamara and Greg, they are fully aware of their mission. In Neverland, David and Mary Margaret are still having issues while they search for Tinkerbelle’s place. Neil, Emma and Hook journey to the Dark Hollow. Hook tells Emma that she must choose between him and Neil. They soon enter the desolate Dark Hollow.

Ariel (Joanna Garcia Swisher) and Belle (Emilie De Ravin) are tied up by two men working for Pan in Gold's shop.

Ariel (Joanna Garcia Swisher) and Belle (Emilie De Ravin) are tied up by two men working for Pan in Gold’s shop.

Trapped in Gold’s, Belle and Ariel find a way to escape their confinement. Belle figures out that the men working for Pan are looking to use one of the dwarves pick axes to destroy Pandora’s Box. David keeps trying to get Mary Margaret to speak to him. She eventually does, asking why he didn’t’ tell her about the poison and the sure. David was afraid of having Mary Margaret stay with him in Neverland. Mary Margaret tells him that she would have been glad to stay by his side. Elsewhere in the Dark Hollow, Hook and Neil argue over Emma while trying to light the candle. The shadows attack them. They manage to grab Hook and Neil. Emma saves them by using magic to light the candle. Ariel and Belle find the two men just they are about to destroy the box. Belle releases a mine car that knocks them aside then she grabs the box and asks them about their mission. They tells her that Pan has been holding their sister prisoner for more than a century. They reveal themselves to be John and Michael Darling. In Neverland, Pan lets their sister Wendy Darling out of her cage.

Ariel leaves Storybrooke with Pandora’s Box in hand. In Neverland, Henry comes across a tree house where he finds Wendy who is apparently ill. She tells him that the island’s magic is fading. Once Henry leaves, it is shown that Pan had Wendy lie to Henry in order for Henry to believe in him. Ariel returns to Gold and Regina and hands them Pandora’s Box. She tells them about Wendy and her brothers, and asks them to save Wendy. Regina is not sure about it but Gold assures Ariel that they will. At Tinkerbelle’s home, David and Mary Margaret inform the fairy that they have a way off the island using Pan’s shadow. Tinkerbelle does not believe them until Neil arrives with the coconut containing the shadow. Henry confronts Pan about him keeping Wendy prisoner. Pan tells him that everything she has said is true, that only the heart of the truest believer can save Neverland. He leads Henry to Skull Rock where Henry accepts his task of saving Neverland’s magic.

Emma (Jennifer Morrison,  left) and Neal/Baelfire (Michael Raymond-James) head for Dark Hollow to trap Pan's shadow

Emma (Jennifer Morrison, left) and Neal/Baelfire (Michael Raymond-James) head for Dark Hollow to trap Pan’s shadow

Ever since they rescued Neil from the Echo Caves, things have been strained between everyone. Mary Margaret is at a level of anger with David that has not been shown before. After all they have been through, with Regina, with Cora, with Rumplestiltskin, with the curse and Storybrooke, she cannot fathom how he can betray her so badly. Their love for each other has endured through all of it so it should not be a surprise that the same will occur in Neverland as well. After a lot of begging, she finally lets loose on him. David tells her that he was afraid of having her stay with him on the island. He is just too noble for his own good. He was willing to sacrifice his freedom so he can help save his grandson even it meant leaving Mary Margaret/Snow White alone. But he knows how stubborn she can be and how much she loves him. Luckily, they reconcile and are back to being lovey-dovey. However, there is still that little tidbit about David not being able to leave Neverland that may still complicate things. But as it has been shown plenty of time before, love conquers all. Gold/Rumplestiltskin and Bell’s love is tested across worlds. The episode began when the Jolly Roger carrying Gold and the others sails to Neverland with Belle watching from the dock. She has been lamenting over the fact that she may not see her love again for the past five days. She feels that she was left behind because she would be of no use to Gold. Her spirits are lifted when Ariel, who traveled from Neverland to Storybrooke, is brought to her by Grumpy/Leroy. Ariel hands her a sand dollar that has a message from Gold, telling Belle that her love for him will help find an item he needs to defeat Pan. Belle’s love for Gold is strong. She is the only person who can truly see the good within him. Their love pays off as Belle uses the chipped tea cup Gold enchanted to find the item of their search. If you recall, that tea cup was the one thing Gold cherished before the curse was broken and Belle was returned to him.

Regina questions Gold’s love for Belle after Ariel leaves for Storybrooke, assuming that he doesn’t truly love her. Gold in return questions Regina’s jealousy towards the fact that he has someone who cares for him and whom he cares for in kind. Alas, poor Regina. She wonders for a second about her love for Henry. Does he love her in return? Can he love her after the things she has done in Storybrooke especially when her mother Cora arrived? She’ll have to find out when she gets to Henry. However, there may be hope for her as she does something out of character. Before Ariel leaves for Storybrooke, Regina promises to reunite her with Eric who is in Storybrooke. Regina holds her end of the bargain when Ariel successfully returns with Pandora’s Box and she grants the bracelet the ability to allow Ariel to switch between human and mermaid at free will. Yeah, there is no double crossing from Regina. It’s a love quarrel between Hook and Neil who try to fight for Emma affections but Emma sets them straight by stating that she only cares about finding her son. With her feelings for Neil in question and her feelings for Hook nonexistent, getting Henry back is the only thing on her mind.

John (Matt Kane, left) and Michael (James Immekus, right) try to destroy Pandora's Box in order to save Wendy who is imprisoned by Pan.

John (Matt Kane, left) and Michael (James Immekus, right) try to destroy Pandora’s Box in order to save Wendy who is imprisoned by Pan.

What’s a Peter Pan tale without the Darling children? Michael and John are introduced as grown-ups who have been granted immortality by Pan in order to ensure that Pandora’s Box is not brought back to Neverland. According to Greek mythology, Pandora’s Box is said to contain the world’s evil. What better item to trap someone evil like Pan in? Wendy Darling is shown to be the other prisoner in the cage. She has been there for more than a century thanks to Neverland’s time ceasing magic. Under Pan’s order, she lies to Henry about being sick and Neverland losing its magic. She is thrown back in the cage once she completed her task. Everything is coming together for what has been an impressive season thus far. Pan’s shadow has been trapped and Pandora’s Box has been brought to Neverland. It’s two to one against Pan and we’re coming up to the goal line. Will Pandora’s Box work in trapping Peter Pan? Hope is strong, no matter how small it glimmers.