LiSA’s new album to launch in October, first track feat. PABLO releases digitally September 9!!

How’s it going, J1 Fans!

Looks like our favorite anison artist LiSA is still hard at work amidst this world health crisis. Her fifth full length album “LEO-NiNE” will be released October 14. Before the new album drops, she is giving her fans a little treat. The first track from the album, “play the world! feat. PABLO” will launch digitally September 9.

PABLO is the guitarist for the Japanese alt/metal band Pay money To my pain, who has been supporting artists as songwriter/arranger. LiSA commented on Twitter about her upcoming release: “I wish you, who believe the future is best, to be strong, tough, kind, and true to yourself, and to go forward as far as you can. With my favorite people, I’ve made a great album that I want to deliver to you now.”

As you will see from the track list below, the hugely popular “Gurenge“, the OP theme for the hit anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba“, is included.

Here is the track list for “LEO-NiNE”

1. “play the world! feat.PABLO” (lyrics: LiSA & Tomoya tabuchi / music: PABLO a.k.a. WTF!?)

 2. “Gurenge” (lyrics: LiSA / music: Kayoko Kusano)

 3. “Hare Butai” (lyrics: LiSA / music: Koichiro Takahashi)

 4. “makoto Shiyaka” (lyrics & music: Tomoya Tabuchi)

 5. “cancellation” (lyrics: LiSA / music: PABLO a.k.a. WTF!?)

 6. “Aijyou” (lyrics: LiSA / music kayoko Kusano)

 7. “Akai Wana (who loves it?)” (lyrics: LiSA & Tomoya Tabuchi / music: Tomoya Tabuchi)

 8. “Wagamama Cait Sith” (lyrics & music: Masato Kanei from BIBMAMA)

 9. “unlasting” (lyrics: LiSA / music: Kayoko Kusano)

 10. “ADAMAS” (lyrics: LiSA / music: Kayoko)

 11. “1 cm” (lyrics & music: LiSA)

 12. “Howl” (lyrics: LiSA / music: HIDEO NEKOTA)

 13. “BEAUTIFUL WORLD” (lyrics: LiSA / music: Yasuha Kominami)

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