Let the hunt begin!! Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters Ep. 5 Recap!!


Transformers Prime returns after a month hiatus with a new twist in the story mythos. Millions of years ago, Shockwave had sent a group of cloned Predacons to Earth to deal with the Autobot forces that resided there. Their orders were to keep watch over the energon storages until Megatron’s arrival. Time passed and they were lost. Now the Decepticons are on the hunt for their remains. According to Optimus, the Predacons inspired many of the creatures in human folklore such as dragons. The Autobots determine that Megatron plans to clone an army of Predacons. Now the Autobots must become Beast Hunters.

Changes are made to the Autobots forms in the fifth episode. Optimus gets a new transformation to accommodate his reformatted physique. He now transforms into an awesome military vehicle perfectly suited for combat. Ultra Magnus adopts Optimus’ old long nose semi form. Smokescreen gets a new coat of paint that resembles his G1 color scheme. Before, his scheme resembled Jazz.

Bumblebee and Smokescreen prevent Shockwave from cloning more Predacons

The hunt starts with Shockwave getting his hand on a Predacon fossil at an oil field. Bumblebee and Smokescreen engage the Decepticon scientist who has the upper hand in his Cybertronian tank mode which is more formidable in combat than his Cybertronian Laser Cannon mode from G1 and Marvel Comics, mostly because he’s mobile. His tank form is taken from his incarnations in previous arcs: Transformers: Energon, Animated and Fall of Cybertron video game. Optimus arrives to provide air assistance until Soundwave takes action and knocks Prime out of the sky. This is the third time Soundwave has gotten his hands dirty in combat. The first was against Airachnid when she tried to take command of the ship in “One Shall Rise Pt. 3”. In the second season, he tangles with Wheeljack. Other times, he has taken the field but only for recovery missions. Soundwave is very crafty, staying one step ahead of his enemies. After Bumblebee and Smokescreen wrestle the Predacon fossil away from Shockwave, he opens a ground bridge as the fossil falls from the bridge they’re fighting onto have it land directly in Megatron’s hand.

Shockwave may be the only Decepticon Megatron shows concern for.

I love how the tide of battle switches from side to side in Prime as it did between the Predacons and Maximals in the Beast Wars series. Bulkhead makes a reference to this series when the Autobots find a fossil, stating the possible conflict. With the scales tipped in Megatron’s favor, he does not want to lose his advantage. If there is any of his troops he may express concern for, it is Shockwave. He thought his most loyal servant had perished and he may’ve felt a glimmer of fear that he might lose him again if Shockwave engaged Optimus Prime in battle again. Shockwave makes the logical choice and confines himself to his lab. He suggests that Starscream handle the recovery of more Predacon fossils. We know Starscream will not sit well with this.

New opening for the series is an upbeat remix!

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