Legends of Yesterday!! Arrow S4 Ep.8 Crossover Recap!!



Malcolm Merlyn arranges a meeting with Oliver and Barry to negotiate with Randal Savage. Savage demands the surrender of Kendra and Carter or he will destroy Central City and Star City. Oliver and Barry rely this to everyone back at the farm house which causes Kendra to leave, not willing to sacrifice the lives of hundreds in exchange for hers. Carter tries to convince Kendra that she must fight Savage if she wants to save innocent lives. Elsewhere, Oliver runs into a woman he used to be with and a child who may be his son. After collecting a hair, he has Barry check the DNA against his, which results in it coming back that the boy is his. Oliver leaves and Felicity enters afterward. She catches Barry trying to hide the DNA results. Barry hands the paper to her when she asks. After meeting with the boy’s mother, Oliver returns to the farm house where Felicity reveals that she knows about the DNA test. Feeling betrayed, she ends their relationship. Oliver, Barry, Kendra and Carter meet with Vandal Savage with the pretense of handing Carter and Kendra. Flash frees Kendra and Carter and engage Savage who easily beats them and kills Kendra and Carter. Flash tries to use the staff to kill Savage. Oliver attempts to help but Savage shoves the blast back. He then takes up the staff and releases a powerful blast the kills Oliver and everyone in Central City. Flash outruns the blast and inadvertently travels back in time to the moment he arrived at the meeting Malcolm Merlyn arranged with Savage. He later tells Oliver about him traveling through time and how the plan goes awry. Cisco talks with Kendra and helps her remember the day her past self was killed. She recalls a meteor heading toward the Egyptian Palace and that Vandal Savage’s staff had pieces of the meteor in it. Felicity finds a meteor fragment at a museum in Central City and Barry races to retrieve it. With a change in Oliver’s plan and new gauntlets composed of the meteor fragment, the heroes hunt down and engage Vandal Savage. Diggle, Laurel, Thea, Kendra and Carter distract Savage long enough for Barry to quickly swipe the Staff of Horus and uses it against him. Oliver, again, takes hold of the staff to help Barry. However, this time they are victorious and they destroy Vandal Savage. Carter and Kendra leave together to begin their mission of helping people and Oliver visits his son William before returning to Star City with Felicity. At the warehouse where Vandal Savage was defeated, Malcolm Merlyn collects his ashes.


Arrow is a bit quieter after as the team comes up with a plan to defeat the immortal Vandal Savage. In the meantime, Oliver seeks out his ex-girlfriend Samantha who denies that William is his son. Oliver discovers that he is the father with Barry’s help. However, this discovery throws a huge monkey wrench into his relationship with Felicity who finds this out through Barry (in the original timeline). She is more furious at the fact the Oliver lied to her about discovering that he has a son rather than him having a son. It is crazy how Oliver ruined the best thing he has ever had that makes him truly happy. Guess it seems that he still has trust issues. But luckily, he gets a second chance to make things right when Barry time travels to prevent Vandal Savage from destroying Central City. But, low and behold, Oliver still makes the same damn decision of not telling Felicity about his newly discovered son William. There is no doubt that serious ramifications are on the horizon that could end the Olicity romance. As DC fans know, Oliver Queen does have a son in the comics named Connor Hawke who takes up the mantle of Green Arrow after Oliver subsequent death during the “Crisis” events. The reason for the change in the character was so that producers can keep Connor Hawke. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says of having Oliver’s son be William, “To give us the leeway to still have Connor Hawke be part of the universe — that was the biggest reason we made that decision.” This suggests the possibility that Connor Hawke could make an appearance sometime in the future. As for Oliver and Felicity, hopefully Oliver learns from his mistake and does what he can to keep her.

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