Legendary and Netflix working on live action Mobile Suit Gundam film!!

Streaming giant Netflix dropped a bombshell of an announcement that they will be producing a live action Mobile Suit Gundam film with help from Legendary Entertainment, the company behind the MonsterVerse’s Godzilla and Kong films and Pacific Rim. Legendary made an announcement in 2018 about a live action Gundam film, however no further details about that project were given.

At the moment, details involving the staff are limited, noting that Gundam fan and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is attached to the project with Brian K. Vaughan writing the screenplay. Legendary gave us Pacific Rim which is the closest to a live action Gundam film we will have and now that dream could be finally coming true.

Attempts to adapt the popular anime into live action were made before. Sunrise produced a live action Mobile Suit Gundam film in 1999, titled G-Savior. The first attempt was made in the 1980’s, however, that project never came to fruition.

Until more about the live action Gundam is revealed, let’s sit back and enjoy the next closest thing – the Full Scale Moving Gundam in Japan.

Source: IGN