Konami drops new Castlevania for mobile phones!!

Konami has been quiet about Castlevania since losing series creator Koji Igarashi (who is developing a spiritual successor to Konami’s one-time flagship series). However, they are looking to rectify that with the release of a new Castlevania game for iOS. Castlvania: Grimoire of Souls is a side-scrolling action title that features cooperative gameplay, boss rush mode for up to four players and competitive four-on-four mode. The game takes place during a time where Dracula has been destroy and peace has returned to the land. But this peace would not last. “The Grimoire has run amok and Dracula will be resurrected,” according to the letter received by protagonist Genya Arikado. As he sets out in search of the sender, he will run into familiar faces from the series including Alucard, Simon, Charlotte, Shanoa, and Maria.

There is no date of release, however, closed beta sign-ups are available in Japan and the official website.

Genya Arikado, Japanese government agent

Lucy, assistant to Genya Arikado