Killer Instinct’s revival and NiGHTS take flight again!

Blast you Microsoft! Yeah, since the Xbox company now owns Rare, they’re making plans to revive the once popular fighting game. Whether K.I. will be a re-releasement or a remake has not been determined. Whatever is done, long time fans who have waited 15 years for the franchise’s return will be overjoyed.

NiGHTS into Dreams and Sonic Adventure 2 will be available for Playstation Network October 2 and Xbox Arcade Live on October 5 worldwide. NiGHTS will launch with the 1996-released holiday expansion ‘Christmas NiGHTS’ for free. Sonic Adventure 2, however, will offer an expansion DLC called ‘Battle Mode’, which adds the content included in the GameCube release. The ‘Battle Mode’ content will cost an extra $3 (or 240 MSP) to download.

However, don’t look for Sonic Adventure 2 to be the HD release as it was rumoured. And NiGHTS will still be NiGHTS.

Just for old time’s sake. Black Orchid still has a crazy high combo.

NiGHTS takes flight again.