Keijo!!!!!! (Hip Whip Girl) Review!!


So I was searching for some new anime to watch when a friend suggested that I check out one called Keijo. I figured ‘what the heck’, I’ll give it a go. Seeing the girls in swimsuits immediately scream fan service however, it is more than just that. Keijo!!!!!!, also known as Hip Whip Girl, centers around the fictional women-only sport of keijo, where players stand on floating platforms and aim to incapacitate or push their opponent into the water, using only their breasts and buttocks. The story follows Nozomi Kaminashi, a gymnast who trains at Setouchi Keijo Training School with the hope of becoming the richest keijo player in Japan. As with anime of this type, Nozomi is the underdog character in the vein of other “school” based anime such as High School DXD or Strike Witches in which this character has untapped potential that is nurtured as the series progresses. Despite the show’s obvious fan service quality, Keijo!!!!! is actually a pretty decent series. The idea of a sport where girls bounce each other around with their boobs and butts does sound ridiculous but it is done in a way that can make you forget about it just for a moment. The keijo girls have signature moves based on their abilities and best assets. For example, one the more muscular keijo girls can hardened her butt by clenching her muscles tight to deliver powerful attacks, which she uses against another girl who absorbs the attack with her super soft buns. The action sequences during matches, or “races” as they are called, are beautifully stylized and add intensity to the sport. What makes the anime interesting is that it takes itself seriously without actually being serious. What I mean by this is that even though the “special abilities” of the keijo girls, such as “Butt Gatling Gun”, the “Bust Buster” or the powerful forbidden “Vacuum Butt Cannon”, are absurd yet comedic in nature, it is the effort in which these ladies launch their attacks that make it enjoyable to watch. Looking past the fan service aspect, Keijo!!!!!! is an enjoyable sports comedy anime. Nozmoi’s development and the friendships she creates makes for a passable and entertaining series.




Attacking with your butt is not something new.

Even royalty does it.

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