Kali Yuga!! Sleepy Hollow S2 Ep.14 Recap!!



Hawley is at a bar with Abbie, Jennifer and Ichabod Crane when he gets a call to meet with someone named McKenna. He is commissioned to rob Henry Knox’s estate by Carmella Pines who is a Vitala. Meanwhile, Frank is cleared of all charges against him. Abbie and Jenny talk with McKenna and learn about the woman who came asking about Hawley. They return to the archives with the name where Crane tells them about the blue prints of Henry Knox’s estate that were stolen by Hawley. Crane, Abbie and Jenny arrive at the Knox estate and spot Hawley and Carmella. They follow them inside the building. Jenny find Hawley just after he opens the vault beneath the estate. Hawley locks her in the bathroom and then heads to the basement. Carmella finds the statue of Kahli and removes it from its casing. Abbie attempts to stop her but Carmella moves faster than the blink of an eye and she quickly restrains Abbie. Crane arrives to save Abbie. Hawley shows up soon afterward and bargains with Carmella to allow Abbie and Crane to live and he will go with her. Crane and Abbie are locked in Knox’s vault which they escape from after Crane figures out the fail safe. Carmella later reveals that she tricked Hawley into taking the statue in order to turn him into a Vitala.

Henry Knox (L) and Kali, Hindu goddess of Destruction (R) are referenced in this episode.

Henry Knox (L) and Kali, Hindu goddess of Destruction (R) are referenced in this episode.

Abbie and Crane are back to fighting baddies and their latest creature is taken from Hindu lore. The Vitala is a creature that is crazy fast and drips acid form its fingertips. According to the show, the Vitala is a servant of the Hindu goddess Kali, whose statue was also featured in the episode. Carmella Pines, who took care of Hawley when he was young, takes the statue from the Knox estate with the purpose of turning Hawley into an undead creature. Well, another historical figure gets the “Assassin’s Creed” treatment. Henry Knox was the first United States Secretary of War. Following his military career, he retired to Thomaston, Maine where he established himself as an entrepreneur in cattle raising, ship building, brick making and real estate. A piece of Knox’s actual history that was taken is his affiliation with the Sons of Liberty, a secret society of Patriots who protect the right of colonists and fought against the taxes of the British. In “Sleepy Hollow”, Knox and the Sons of Liberty built a vault where Knox kept mysterious artifacts that he collected to keep them safe. If the Knox still hasn’t rang a bell, there is a military base named after him.


The bond between Abbie and Crane is constantly being tested from Abbie standing opposite of Katrina when she decides to spare Abraham or Abbie keeping her alliance with the fallen angel Orion secret from Ichabod. The incidents have started to build a wall between them. They can’t have this tension if they are to stop Henry Parrish from starting a war. When they go after Hawley and Carmella, they are locked in Knox’s vault where they have time to reflect. Earlier, Crane finds the sigil of Orion in Abbie’s desk which she neglected to tell him. From Abbie’s side, she orders a test on residue found after their first encounter with Carmella at the archives without Crane’s knowledge. As a result, Crane and Abbie decided to work more separately thinking that would be best. Well, it just made the tension obvious especially to Jennifer. Luckily, the Witnesses patch things up before they are crushed to death in Knox’s vault. While Abbie and Crane’s relationship is mended, Jennifer and Hawley’s unravels towards the end of the episode. Hawley was first introduced as a type of conman whose only loves are money and more money. He was not a likeable guy but he eventually began to prove himself as he helped Abbie and Crane in their fight against Moloch’s forces. During the same time, he reconnects with Jennifer. However, that connection gets cut off. With help from the Mills sisters and Ichabod Crane, Hawley is freed and has a chance to finish Carmella but he hesitates, likely due to the fact that she was his guardian after his parents died. He decides to hunt Carmella down after she escapes. To do this, he’s got to cut ties with Jenny. Maybe they’ll get back together when he comes back. Frank and Cynthia Irving seek Katrina for help in determining the reason behind Frank’s resurrection. She is quick to suspect her son Henry Parrish but Frank has no recollection of how he can back. Katrina severs Frank’s ties to the Horseman of War. However, things are far from normal when he sees that he cannot see himself in reflected surfaces. What does this mean and who helped the state drop the charges against him? There may be a different force at work other than Henry Parrish.

On a lighter note, Crane got to drive a brand new Ford Mustang and he did karaoke. Looks like he starting to blend in, just like Ezio.

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