Journey to Neverland!! Once Upon a Time Season 3 Premiere Recap!!

Once Upon S3_Ep1-jollyrogercrewAfter traveling through a portal from Storybrooke, the Jolly Roger enters the waters of Neverland carrying an unlikely (and unlikeable) rescue team for Henry. However, tensions mount quickly amongst the would-be rescuers that conjure a storm that raged as strong as their hatred for one another. In Neverland, the Lost Boys reveal to Greg and Tamara that the destruction of magic was never in the plan. All Pan wanted is Henry. Greg is killed by Pan, giving Tamara and Henry a chance to escape. Tamara is killed while Henry runs through the forest. He encounters a boy named Timothy who claims to have left the Lost Boys. In the Enchanted Forest, Bealfire is nursed back to health by Aurora and Mulan. He tells them about Emma and Henry. Feeling the need to check on their well-being, he travels to his father’s castle in search of an item that will let him know of his family’s whereabouts. There, they meet Robin Hood who tells Bealfire that he owes his father a debt for sparing his life. Bealfire finds his father’s walking stick and uses it to undo a cloaking spell. Using a crystal ball he found, he learns that Emma is in Neverland. The Jolly Roger is attacked by mermaids. Emma, Snow, Charming and Regina fend off their attackers while capturing one in the process. Regina wants to use force to get the mermaid to reveal Peter Pan. Snow White disagrees, suggesting that they release her out of good faith. Regina turns the mermaid to wood. This leads to bickering between them that filters over to Charming and Hook. Their emotions conjure a storm that threatens to sink the ship. To end the fighting, Emma throws herself overboard, forcing everyone to work together to save her. They later arrive on shore where preaches about the need to work together to save Henry despite their differences. On the Gold has gone on his own in search of Henry. He soon finds a severely injured Tamara who pleads for his forgiveness. Sadly, Gold has very little remorse to give. After using pixie dust to escape the Lost Boys, Henry and Timothy get to a safe spot in the woods where Timothy reveals himself to be Peter Pan.

GINNIFER GOODWIN, LANA PARRILLA, COLIN O'DONOGHUE, JOSH DALLASI love it when I’m right. I knew there was going to be a clash between our would-be crew of the Jolly Roger. It was inevitable since they were all out to kill each other. But hey, no one this was going to be a pleasure cruise. Round one of the fight begins with Emma and her parents Snow White/Mary Margaret and Prince Charming/David. Now every child has an issue with their parents but not with the kind of baggage that Emma has. She holds her parents responsible for all that has happened since she broke the curse. Snow and Charming’s constant optimism has become too much for Emma to bear and she lets them know it, even going as far as to point out that she and Snow are the same age regardless of Snow being her mother. They try to set her straight but this proves difficult when your adult daughter is not that much younger than you. Round two comes when the Jolly Roger is under attack from mermaids which is a nice play on their legendary tale of how they sink ships. Emma, Snow, Charming and Regina fend off their attackers and capture one of them in the process. Where Snow wants to show mercy, Regina is quick to use force to get information on Pan. Needless to say that the bad blood between them boils over and it is Snow, not Regina, who throws the first punch. While the cat fight between Snow and Regina ensues, Hook insults Snow and Charming defends his wife’s honor thus starting round three. It’s no surprise that this was bound to happen. The tension on the ship had to be thicker than molasses in winter with everyone out for each other throats. Emma tries to play peacekeeper as the high tension between everyone else causes high seas in the waters of Neverland. She probably knows how it feels to speak without anyone listening to you, which is a spot Henry has been in numerous times. Looking at the others fighting amongst themselves, she sees that this is not going to help her rescue Henry. Like her son, Emma does something drastic to get everyone’s attention and casts herself overboard. It works as everyone stops their squabbling and lends a hand, and hook, to save Emma. This sets up a chance for Emma to get these people to work together despite their differences. This episode does a good job of putting the weight of responsibility right back on Emma shoulders. She’s the martyr. She’s the one who has to get these people together to stop Pan and rescue Henry. It’s a welcome sight to see Emma taking charge again.

Once Upon S3_goldGold was never really a team player. He has always done things on his own after acquiring the powers of the Dark One and continues to do so. He hits Emma with a dose of reality after witnessing her laying into her parents over the events that occurred since the curse was broken. My guess is he somehow knew that they ragtag team would fall apart and quickly departs before it happens. If this turns out to be true then he guessed right. But the better reason would be that he doesn’t have time to waste on petty squabbles. He has to find his son and grandson by whatever means necessary (and few unnecessary). He may be the Dark One but he has always cared about his son and now his grandson. The tension between the others will cause them to lose focus on their mission to save whereas Gold will not. While searching for Henry on the island, he comes across Tamara who is gravely injured. It seemed like he was going to play nice by healing her but, as proven before, when you mess with a man’s family, there is no playing nice. Gold gets right to the point and asks about his grandson. Tamara tells him that she told him to run and then she begs Gold for forgiveness. Silly girl, doesn’t she know that forgiveness is divine…and foolish. Far from being in a merciful mood, Gold wastes no thought on taking Tamara’s heart and crushing it. Maybe this is a sign that the Dark One has returned and he’s done screwing around.

Once Upon S3_Ep1-panI like how the Lost Boys are serving as Pan’s enforcers. They apparently relay messages for Pan and enforce his rules. This is the case when they meet up with Greg and Tamara to inform them that their mission to destroy magic was a ploy to get them to retrieve Henry and bring him to Neverland, topped with the fact that they will not be returning home. Greg, who has done nothing but follow orders is shocked by this. The poor guy truly believed that he was going to destroy magic. Well he lived out his usefulness as Pan’s shadow swoops down and takes his shadow killing as a result. It is at this moment that Tamara realizes maybe she chose the wrong path. She now doubts every decision she made during this mission and tries a shot at redemption by giving Henry a chance to escape. The Lost Boys have other intentions as they mercilessly shoot Tamara in the back with an arrow when she tries to flee. After pursuing Henry through Neverland’s forest, they finally capture him with help from their leader Peter Pan. Pan meets Henry beforehand under the guise of a former Lost Boy named Timothy. He leads Henry on a wild goose chase through Neverland with the final test of him being able to use pixie dust to fly. Pan is shown to be the mischievous boy he is depicted to be but with a darker twist. It is a wonder what plans a mere boy can come up with that would even put Rumplestiltskin on edge.

Robin Hood returns in this episode as predicted. He has been keeping a watch over Rumplestiltskin’s castle out a debt he owes him. Bealfire finds it strange that his father would spare someone’s life after seeing the things he is capable of. This might have something to do with Belle begging Rumplestiltskin to spare Robin Hood’s life when it is revealed that Maid Marion is pregnant with his child. Certainly Rumple can’t leave a child fatherless. Maybe we’ll get more into what happened between Robin Hood and Rumplestiltskin as the season progresses. Here’s a surprise (or expectation depending on how you look at it). Bealfire can use magic. Yes, the very thing he has been running from his whole life is going to help him find his family. This is illustrated when he uses one of his father’s canes to undo a spell and reveal a hidden cabinet, and then he uses a crystal ball to discover that Emma and everyone else is in Neverland. He knows the dangers of that place. Will he be willing to go back to save Emma and his son after having escaped once before? If you want something bad enough, you just got to believe in yourself, right?

We were introduced to the mermaids; now all that’s left is the Indians and Tinkerbell. Hey that pixie dust had to come from somewhere and could we soon hear the tick-tock of a big ol’ croc? Here’s to believing.

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