J1 Studios Interview with Random aka Mega Ran!

During the weekend of Otakon this year, the J1 crew headed down to the Bit Gen Gamer Fest 8 event and caught some awesome acts including Power Glove, The Megas, and one of our favorite musical talents, Mega Ran! After his act, the legendary rapper showed a lot of love as he agreed to the interview, told us his story, and said some awesome things about our team!

Want to see and hear more Mega Ran?

Mega Ran’s videos, music and merchandise:

All of his albums can be found here:


And if you want to see the Mega Ran comic we’re producing,
just check out the Comics section of the site!

Personally, I’m a HUGE listener when it comes to his Forever Famicom collection, with beats by the incredibly artistic K-Murdock. It’s been less than a week since they released Forever Famicom “DLC” 3!
Check out the whole forever Famicom collection and more on their Bandcamp Page.

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