J1 Nerd Prom is HERE, with the BIGGEST RAFFLE EVER!

Look how much fun this is! [Photo by: Shinob-E]

You remember it as the J1 Cosplay Prom, but now it’s been renamed (based on fan votes) to J1 Nerd Prom, so that ALL nerds, not just cosplayers know that they are welcome to “nerd out”!

We are still keeping it in the gym of the Old Pine Community Center (located at 401 Lombard Street) in Philadelphia, with DJ TygerMouth, and balloons!! Mingle, party, and dance! Awesome fun in Philadelphia!

So what about this “CRAZY” raffle?

Well, this year we will have a $10 per ticket raffle for guests to win a FREE 4-NIGHT HOTEL STAY at J1-CON 2018 at the SHOWBOAT Hotel in Atlantic City (VALUED AT $500)!


Yup! Plus, tickets are as low as $15!!!!

A portion of the proceeds will be DONATED to the American Cancer Society, & Old Pine Community Center.


For MORE details click here!