It’s Showtime!! Eliza takes the stage in Skullgirls Encore!!

Eliza (C) with her bodyguards Albus (L) and Horace (R)

Eliza (C) with her bodyguards Albus (L) and Horace (R)

Eliza is the latest character to be added to the Skullgirls Encore roster. She is an Egyptian-themed lounge singer who was blackmailed into working for the mafia. She is the host of the skeletal parasite Sekhmet. She is also accompanied by her two bodyguards, Albus and Horace. For those who don’t know, due to a change in publishers in December 2013 Skullgirls was briefly removed from Playstation Network and Xbox Live and re-released in February 2014 as Skullgirls Encore for PSN and in March 2014 for Xbox Live. The game was picked up by Marvelous and Cyberfront after Autumn Games severed ties with Konami. With the relaunch, numerous gameplay adjustments and additions, including character balance tweaks, faster gameplay, an online training mode, and a stun meter designed to limit lengthy combos without compromising creativity were made. A new local game mode called “Typing of the Skullgirls”, a mode inspired by games like The Typing of the Dead, was also added. When enabled, teams automatically generate meter and all attacks deal negligible damage. Super moves give typing prompts to the player, awarding damage for typing accuracy. There are a total of five planned characters to be added the roster. Squigly, an undead opera singer possessed by the parasite Leviathan, was released when the game was relaunched. The first male character Big Band, a detective with musical instrument inspired attacks, was released afterward. Eliza is available for free for a limited time on PSN and Xbox Live.

Eliza Trailer

Squigly Trailer

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