Interview with Vic Mignogna – Is Vic a Brony?


Don’t get it wrong! We love Vic Mignogna, he’s nothing but awesome, and we have absolute respect for our brony brethren. If you need proof, check out our BronyCon 2014 Recap Video. It just so happens that when we went outside after J1-Con to interview Vic, one topic led to another and Vic said some things about Tara strong and My Little Pony. “I could be a brony, here on the south street bridge here in Philly”, says Vic, about five minutes into the video. You’ll have to see for yourself how we got on the topic.

If you wan’t more Vic Mignogna videos, we’ve got the motherload. Check out our 22 video playlist of short highlight topics from his panel at the recent J1-Con 2014.

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