Hush The Next Villain In Upcoming Batman Game?!? Rumors May Be True!

So earlier today, on the official Batman: Hush Facebook Page, this screenshot was posted with the caption underneath: “Remember a little appearance by someone in Arkham City? Well, things may be about to get interesting next month“.


Could he be the next villain in the upcoming Arkham game?


Now, if you don’t remember who this was in the game Batman: Arkham City, this is Hush (formerly known as Dr. Thomas Elliot) who had a cameo at the end of the side mission “Identity Theft”. What makes this rumor noteworthy is that the moderators of the Hush Facebook page is Warner Bros., the publishing company of the Arkham video game series. Which means that there’s a high chance that we may have another Arkham title with an iconic villain in as the main antagonist.

Check out the Batman: Hush Facebook Page Here: Click Here!!!

Source: IGN

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