Hell’s Angels/Heaven’s Demons!! Supernatural S8 Ep21 Recap!!


Kevin Tran wakes up on Garth’s boat where he meets Sam and Dean who hand him the other half of the demon tablet. Kevin gets to work on deciphering the other half. However, this is all a rouse set up by Crowley who is learning about the trials. Sam is extremely concerned for Sam who is not himself after completing two of the trials. They soon receive a message from Kevin that is set to activate upon his disappearance. Dean is visibly upset as he believes Kevin would’ve been safe had they brought him to the storehouse. Naomi has angels tracking down Castiel who is hiding in various parts of the world. Castiel jumps from place to place until he arrives back in Santa Fe in a restaurant full of dead bodies. He is soon captured. Upset, Naomi demands to know where the Angel Tablet is. Castiel holds his tongue. Meanwhile, Crowley is trying to learn more from Kevin about the trials. Dean talks with a local Native American about the Metatron. Seeing an old photo, he recognizes the man as the hotel manager. Sam goes on his own investigation and finds a package containing books. He calls dean about it but he collapses to the ground just as his brother answers. Naomi tries to pry the location of the Angel Tablet from Castiel when he is saved by an unlikely ally—Crowley.

Sam wakes up in a tub full of ice. He tells Dean that the Metatron is in the hotel as the manager. Crowley takes Castiel to a disclosed location. He deduces that the tablet is hidden within Castiel. He has an angel, the same one who came to Bobby when he died; keep tabs on Castiel for Crowley. The two demons impersonating Sam and Dean have been caught in a Devil’s Trap while in search of the other half of the tablet. Sam and Dean search for the Metatron in the hotel. They find him in a room full of books. In the restaurant, Castiel pleads with his brother Ion to turn from the path forges by Naomi. In the hotel, the Metatron tells Sam and Dean about God, how he kept his word, and how the archangels reacted when God left. The Metatron has been hiding while the world has been going to pot. His cowardice angers Sam. Dean tells him about Kevin Tran who is a Prophet of the Lord and how the Metatron should’ve been protecting him. Crowley learns that Kevin knew about the fake Winchesters. The King of Hell is clearly upset. Now that he has the Angel Tablet, he no longer needs Kevin. Just Crowley is about to kill him, a white light engulfs the fake boathouse. Crowley is injured and Kevin is gone.

The Metatron brings Kevin back to the hotel. Pulling Dean aside, he asks him if he is ready for the possible consequences that might occur if they succeed in closing the Hell Gates forever. Kevin wakes up, shows them the other half of the Demon Tablet, and tells them about the third trial. However, the Metatron already knows the third trial. The Winchesters have to purify a demon. With this information, Sam and Dean head to the location of the third trial when they encounter an injured Castiel lying in the middle of the road.

We got three intertwining stories for this episode. Let’s start with the angels. Castiel has been on the run from Naomi since the Angel Tablet was found. He’s been jumping from place to place to keep out of reach. Since his introduction, Castiel has always done what he felt was right all though he was loyal to Heaven until he took all the souls from Purgatory last season, in which he then sought to take over Heaven in God’s absence. Now, Castiel still does what is right but he is now seen as a traitor by the new angel in charge Naomi. I knew this chick was creepy for some reason and now I see why. She’s been brainwashing angels, like Samandriel, to do her bidding. She tried it with Castiel but he broke free thanks to the Angel Tablet. Naomi wants that hunk of stone and she will do anything to get it. One example displayed was when she slew a restaurant full of people and maliciously snaps the neck of a survivor to get to Castiel. Honestly, Naomi seems more demonic than angelic and I wonder what her history is with Crowley as they seemed much acquainted with each other after Castiel took off with the Angel Tablet. In other words, she is another Zeckariah. She has something going on with the King of Hell and it doesn’t look pretty.

For once, the focus was not on Sam and Dean but they had their own thing to deal with. The brothers track down an angel known Metatron who was the Keeper of the Word of God. However, the Metatron grew tired of his brethren and sought refuge on Earth a few millennia ago. Sam seemed to have some kind of connection to the angelic scribe until he is told that he is becoming pure from completing the trials. Let’s go way back to the second season when it was revealed that Azazel, the yellow-eyed demon, put some of his blood into Sam when Sam was an infant. This could be the reason the trials are effecting him so much among other things. In seasons past, Sam was shown to have psychic abilities that allowed him to exercise demons without an incantation. This could’ve been due in part to Azazel’s blood in his veins. Maybe these trials could be a way of purifying him of that accursed blood.

But the most improvement goes to Kevin Tran. When he was introduced last season, he was a frazzled, fluttery college student. As this season progressed, he has grown into his role as a Prophet of the Lord and fully understands his responsibility. When Crowley captured him, Kevin stared down the King of Hell when he saw through the illusion used in an attempt to get him to reveal the third trial. Kevin held his ground as Crowley held his neck. When was whisked away to the hotel by the Metatron, he didn’t get all antsy when he meets the Scribe of God. Before, he would have. With the second half of the Demon Tablet in hand, Kevin sends the Winchesters on to the third trial. They have to purify a demon. If Meg was still around, this would be a walk in the park. Then again, she has been killed before. Hmm?

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